Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bila yang cute tu semua baju baby girl...

note to oneself! (be less excited when meeting the ob-gyn)

miahahahahahaha... I dont think so!!1 first time... of course la super excited and gedix.. hiks hiks
dr shows - 'The Bird!' and i accidentally yelped!! 'Its a BOY' ahahahahaha
mmg takde kesah pun... and the doctor pun cam boleh lah lepaskan tgn...
' he said: ha i didnt mentioned boy ye.. you yg ckp sendiri! ahahahaha bijak2 doctor.. he promised me a 4d scan next month... uuuuuu cant wait... cant wait...)

anyway.. i dont really know how to dress a boy..


Sunday, December 26, 2010

reading : no-cry sleep solutions

i am 1/4 of my way through the book... *hahahah sgt sgt bersembang but the main point in the book can be really helpful..* :)

1. it says that newborn have no problem sleeping (haha.. but the parents do).. baby will sleep when they are tired and wake up when they are ready..

2. :) and some advice on families do's and dont's.. :) each babies are different from one another.. so the advise was to read, learn and beware of bad advices.. (*oh this is tough... people will advice us to do soo many things about our baby... but sometimes.. some advice may not be applicable to my munchkin) ~ ok... dilemma with malay families.. you will be assumed hard headed or sombong or whatsoever. (note to oneself.. be polite in receiving advice... it may become handy one day.. if not.. it may work as something that is good to know. - i just hope people will not force me to do things.. haha or judge me..)

3. next - baby must be comfortable and safe... especially with their sleeping crib. :).. so on the safety part i will passed it hubby-baby to make the house baby-safe.. hiks hiks... and on the baby's crib part.. ha.. the baby will be sleeping in our room... :) I'm planning to to have one corner of the room for dear little munchkin.. :)

simple and i like the colour scheme.. but there are not many childrens furniture shop in malaysia.. perhaps.. i can do some tiny project for the munckin's corner.. :)

ok.. i will continue some more when i finished reading the book.. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


three times!! three weeks!
and you r 21 week oledi..

i love you baby.

Friday, December 17, 2010

starting rather early : List barang untuk baby

Updating my baby's list...

baby's thingy...

New born
in whites - for the newborn (baju tidur + baju rumah.. hihi)
1. Mittens and booties - 3 pairs ( 3 more)
2. long pants - 2 pairs (4 more)
3. Rompers - 6 piece - cukup
4. long sleeved shirt - 2 pieces (3 more)
5. short sleeved shirt - 1 piece (3 more)
6. sleeveless shirt - 1 piece (2 more)
7. short + shirt - 1 pair

8. baby's bib - 1 piece
9. baby's blanket - 1 piece
10. baby's receiving blanket (bedung) - belum lg
11. barut baby - 1 piece (the rest get it from kak noni)

ok dah tu je .. yg lain nnt beli yang untuk baby 3-6 months...

i have not start with the baby's crib yet.. :) i'll wait till the 7th month baru lah nak siapkan baby's crib. I still have not decided in type of crib i want.. but i have decided on a bassinet (or a carrier)... kekekeke *sigh*...

baby's feeding item ni when is the right time to buy?..
1. breast pumps ( i am eyeing either tommee tippee or medela...)
2. baby's bottles (i am liking tommee tippee)
3. bottle cleaner...

byknyer mende sebelum baby dtg!!!! huhuhuhu

hiks hiks... all i need is a mommy's bag!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

beranak di Hospital kerajaan atau di hospital swasta?

:) actually mmg takde preference nakberanak kat mana mana pun.. janji selesa... I chose DEMC because of the location and i my ob-gyn is my sister's ob-gyn..

so far... my ob-gyn is ok... :) usually i dont have to wait too long to meet up with him.. package for normal delivery is around rm2200 (single bed, 2 day 1n) tapi siap2 lah.. kalau kena forcep or vacuum... tambah lagi dlm rm300. SO untuk normal delivery siap2 dlm 3 K... kalau caesar.. dlm 7-8K.. amboi mahalnyer...

but if i have to caesar.. rasanyer takkan ke demc lah.. mmg lari ke PPUM... :) too much.. duit tu boleh buat mende lain..

so everything will be depending on condition.. but i pray to Allah that he will grant me a normal delivery.. dipermudah urusan untuk melahirkan nnt amin....

speaking of praying for easy labour... i am not touching sugar for almost 17 days now.. *sigh*
makan pau pun yg wholemeal.. huhuhu sedih kan?.... tapi takpe lh baby punya pasal.... :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

18 weeks checkup!

not good.. hmm... there are traces of sugar in the urine... im a bit stress bout this.. kekeke hopefully its not GDM - a diabetic symptom.. *sigh*

anyway.. gone thru something and i found a very informative website on how to handle this ..

Bagaimana rawatan terhadap GDM?

Langkah pertama ialah mengawal paras glukosa di dalam darah dengan pengubahsuaian diet. Senaman sederhana secara tekal juga berguna untuk memperbaiki tolerans glukosa. Jika pendekatan melalui pemakanan tidak berkesan, terapi insulin diperlukan. Paras glukosa perlu diawasi selalu jika terapi insulin telah dimulakan. Jika anda memang menghidap diabetes dan bercadang untuk hamil, anda perlu berusaha untuk mengawal diabetes pada tahap optima beberapa bulan sebelum mengandung kerana paras glukosa yang tinggi semasa trimester pertama akan meningkatkan risiko kelahiran bayi cacat.

Berikut adalah pola pemakanan yang baik untuk mengekalkan paras gula yang normal di dalam darah:

  • Elakkan gula dan makanan yang tinggi kandungan gulanya (kek, aiskrim, minuman ringan, buah-buahan di dalam tin, jem, coklat dan lain-lain).

  • Mengambil karbohidrat kompleks (bijirin, kekacang, peas, sayur-sayuran, dan makanan berkanji).

  • Mengambil makanan yang kaya serat (buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran, legum, roti gandum tulen, dan lain-lain).

  • Memastikan diet yang rendah lemak, terutama lemak tepu (mentega, daging berlemak, krim dan lain-lain). Pilihlah hirisan nipis daging dan ayam tanpa kulit. Elakkan makanan yang bergoreng.

and so now.. i have to watch everything i eat... and drink.. no more coke.. and all sugary thingy...

anyway.. on the side.. baby is growing beautifully.. doctor done a 4d scan.. and there the baby was.. sgt sgt comel.. and healthy and the size is normal..

so mission this month is to reduce the sugar intake and maintain glucose in my blood stream!! huwaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

oh! oh! you like it to be there arent you?

hiks hiks.. i went to attend a technical meeting on High Voltage Power Transmission.. and i could feel my stomach fluttering.. hahaha kelakar pulak .. sibuk jugak nk gerak2

alhamdulillah... kekekek but mummy tak berapa lah kalau baby nak jadi engineer.. hiks hiks... but i'm not going to stop you to do anything.. i just want you to be creative like your abah.. and critical like your mummy.. cuma, i will not give my blessing if you want to be a model, singing or acting artist.. sian kat ur abah nak tanggung dosa2 nnt.. ahahahahah i know its too early to dictate your future.. but itu aje my wish.. and i pray baby.. supaya baby besar and jadi org yang berintergriti.. i can only show you the way.. but you need to have it within yourself. hihi.. jadi org yang sabar mcm your abah.. n please dont follow that trait in me.. i dont have the patient in me..


Monday, November 22, 2010

going into the fifth month

i am a bit worried i have not gain weight.. ~ risau.. baby tak besar2 ke.. tapi bila scan masa 14th weeks haritu.. the baby was growing just fine. Alhamdulillah.. but still.. i guess being pregnant is like being worried 24/7 ...

anyway.. alhamdulillah... bulan ni ada naik sikit.. around 1.5kg as of yesterday.. tapi mintak2 at the same time takdelah naik byk sgt... I am not worried about gettin fat or whatsoever, what i fear the most is being unhealthy.

now i know why most of my preggy friends stop socializing at night... they were afraid that something might be happening to the baby... i still feel nausea.. but less vomiting..
it is very uneasy to sit on the left site.. hence.. urgh... sleeping starting feel uneasy too... I hope it will not last... tummy has shown a wee bit... and i dah start pakai cocoa butter..

anyway, i avoid applying the cocoa butter on my tummy... hiks hiks.. just on the sides... and think going to start the kegel exercise soon...

there are still many things to do before the baby's coming... :) we decided the baby is going to sleep with us for about 6 months... then baru buat nursery..

antenatal class... hmmm bila nak gi antenatal class? 6 months? 7 months? hiks hiks... 6 maybe appropriate... so next year it is.. ! yay!

looking forward for my next OB visit.. next week!!!! weeeee... and baby is going to be 18 weeks.. hopefully we can see whether its a she or he.

stay safe in my tummy baby. love you very much... :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

too many question...

question.. question and question...

hihi... too many question .. whose to follow... why...??

ehe.. nanti je lah... skrg.. i'm enjoying pregnanthood kikikiki -
dear baby... your mummy was never let to drive the car - gi kedai je.. (ihiks.. very proud of your abah).. mlm balik kerja.. mummy adalah sampah masyarakat... unless the house is too messy ... i will only lepak on the couch and watch your abah buat sepah.. or sapu sampah.. feed the cats.. gi buang sampah... kutip2 cawan (altho mummy yang akan jadi tukang basuh) but baby.. its enough for me.. alhamdulillah.

in the morning i will clean up the house before going to the office.. picking up things, re arranging the sofa, buat air for your abah... (alhamdulillah.. sepanjang me being his wife.. adalah 5-6 kali missed buat air and when i am outstation)

i think your sonogram has really hit your grandma.. kekekek she just realised that she'll be a grandma soon.. *ngeeee*

hmm my belly macam dah besar sikit..ihiks.. it shows that you r growing...
stay safe baby - mummy loves you!

symptom: i am more towards fatigue and stuffy nose, with some round ligament pain (the jabbing pain whenever i tried to get up too quickly) .. a little of nausea and vomiting (i hope it'll end soon)

Friday, November 5, 2010

oh obimin..

hihi ok hari ni first time telan obimin...

its HUGE!!!!!!!!

well... obimin is a multivitamin pill for me and baby ... its a supplement...
most private hospital will give obimin as supplement as compared to the govt hospital..

usually... in government hospital they will give various pills to consume as supplement.. hence.. Obimin is seems to be better .. i just popped in one pill and voila!!! i'm done...

I am still considering whether to go to govt clinic... kekekek not because of i'm boasting... but i am worried of over-supplementing myself.. one of which will be redundant..

erm.. or maybe i should just go to shah alam clinic.. i heard we just need to give in few details to the counter and they will register us without having to be checked twice... plus i dont have the time to have multi visits a month to different place.. anyway... i might be registering myself when baby turns 5 months.. :) smile..

pregnancy symptom:
at the moment i might be having round ligament pain.. just when i'm standing up (quickly) - its a jabbing pain ... kejap je lah.. so skrg.. tgh practise to walk and get up slowly.. ihiks...

Monday, November 1, 2010

lagi sebulan...

sekarang mcm org yang bercinta.. menghitung hari nak jumpa OB..
baru je jumpa OB semlm... kalau kaya dah lama beli mesin sonogram tu letak kat rumah..
so that i can watch baby .. hari2.. I am soo in love..

sayang nyer kat dia.. Tuhan aje yang tau... mmg tak sangka boleh ada perasaan yang mcm ni... ingatkan... jantung dupdap bile tgk ur abah aje.. ahahaha... now its you..

next OB checkup will be on the 1st of December!... oh tak sabarnyer rasa.... nak tgk apa lah keje nyer kat dlm tu.. smlm mmg baring dah mcm your abah.. wiggle2 pun sebijik.. ahahaahahaha

I love you both with all my heart.

i dont really care about my morning sickness and burping anymore.. (altho its frustrating at times... but small matter)

i'm still having my morning-noon-evening-night-sickness... hari2 pun muntah.. cuma tak sekerap dulu... mintak mintak everything will ease up..

my bump dah pooched a wee bit.. hiks hiks... baby baby... dah besar dah anak mummy...

wiggle wiggle baby!

heeeeee...... hari ni nampak baby wiggle. goyang2 bontot and bahu!.. kekekek itu ajer...
alhamdulillah.... semua sihat.. doctor kata.. mak sihat and baby pon sihat.. Ya Allah... Syukur Alhamdulillah..

First time dgr heart beat... tuhan je yang tau perasaan time tu mcm mana... last month i only saw the heart blipping.... today we heard the heart beat and baby alhamdulillah..

kalau ukur kepala dah 15 minggu... hiks
kalau ukur tulang peha.. 14 minggu 4 hari...
kalau kire hari ni.. baru masuk 14 minggu... meaning... he is growing beautifully...

alhamdulillah... membesar sebagai johan anak mummy.

anyway.. hari ni check sugar and albumin... (checked urine) alhamdulillah semua ok...
tunggu nak check darah aje ... mintak2 semua sihat...

berat pon alhamdulillah tak naik.. kikikikik so skrg... ultimate goal..
is to eat healthily and maintain kenaikan berat badan supaya tidak lebih dari 2KG sebulan.

dr gave the blue card today.. he said.. in any case.. if we were to deliver somewhere else.. we just need to bring the blue card to the hospital..

*eh.. is that mean i dont have to open the red book????*

p/s: I am soo in love with you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


pantang... urgh topic yang macam tak perlu nak di discuss lagi.. eheh..
tapi ye lah... berapa lama aje lagi.. altho my bump pun belom lagi kelihatan..

erm too excited? kekekeke nak buek camno i am that person...
but I am more of a beserah kepada Allah person.
So, hopefully i dont get a *dont get too excited... the baby aint coming not in another 6 months* remark ~ for me every seconds count.. i dont want to miss anything..

but sometimes i do understand that people loves to be overprotected.. hihi bukan nak jealous.. but they may have felt hurt or something and they do not want any other person to feel it too...

anyway.. i found a list of recipes untuk berpantang... hiks hiks... i will berpantang!! and it looks like i will berpantang kat rumah sendiri aje ni... 2 weeks upah confinement lady (dah kire2 agak mahal ye puan ini rm90-130/day siap siap aje lah nak bg dlm 2400-3000 ~ uish boleh gi london slimming centre dah ni..)... pastu the rest boleh dah kot nak uruskan makan minum sendiri.. Insyallah. cuma nak kena ada hubby tolong pakai kan bengkung je... hiks hiks...

Kerabu Pegaga

1 biji bawang besar – dihiris
2 biji cili merah – ditumbuk
sedikit garam
seikat daun pegaga – dihiris

Campurkan semuanya dan gaul hingga sebati. Kalau suka boleh campurkan kerisik. Tapi saya suka begini saja sbb nak kurangkan lemak.

Ikan Tenggiri Masak Halia

2 ketul ikan di goreng
2 ulas bawang merah- ditumbuk
sedikit kunyit hidup – ditumbuk atau serbuk
6 ulas bawang putih – dihiris
� ketul halia – dihiris memanjang

Panaskan sedikit minyak, tumiskan bawang merah, bwg putih, halia dan kunyit. Masukkan sedikit air dan apabila mendidih tuangkan atas ikan yg telah digoreng.

Ikan Gelama Masak Asam

2 ekor ikan gelama
1 biji bawang besar – dihiris
5 ulas bawang putih - dihiris
� ketul halia – dihiris
1 biji cili merah – dihiris
1 mangkuk air asam

Gorengkan ikan yg telah disapu garam dan kunyit. Tumiskan bwg besar, bwg putih, halia dan cili. Masukkan air asam dan garam. Apabila mendidih tuangkan atas ikan tadi.

Sawi tumis air

Sedikit ikan bilis
3 ulas bawang putih
2 ulas bawang merah
1 pokok sawi – dicuci dan potong

Tumbukkan ikan bilis, bawang putih dan bawang merah.
Tumiskan bhn tumbuk tadi dan masukkan air. Apabila mendidih masukkan sawi dan tutupkan api.

Kucai goreng kicap

1 ikat kucai – dihiris
2 ulas bawang merah – dihirs
3 ulas bawang putih – dhiris

Tumiskan bawang merah dan putih. Masukkan kucai dan kicap.

Kari Ikan Haruan

1 ekor ikan haruan – dipotong kecil2

4 ulas bawang putih
1 biji bawang besar
( dimesin)

1 biji bawang besar- dihiris
1 camt halba campur
1 tangkai daun kari
4 camb serbuk kari ikan
1 camt serbuk cili
1 mangkuk air asam

Tumiskan daun kari , halba dan bawang besar yg dihiris. Masukkan bwg yg dimesin, biar sebentar .
Masukkan rempah kari dan serbuk cili yg dah dibancuh dengan air. Masak hingga rempah betul2 masak.
Masukkan air asam dan ikan Tambahkan garam dan apabila ikan dah masak tutupkan api.

Peria goreng kelapa

5 biji peria kecil/1 biji yg besar – dipotong dan direndamkan dlm air garam
3 ulas bawang merah
3 ulas bawang putih
sedikit kunyit
� mangkuk kelapa parut

Tumiskan bawang merah dan bawang putih. Masukkan kunyit dan peria yg telah dipotong. Masukkan kelapa parut dan gorengkan hingga peria lembut sikit tapi jgn terlalu lama.

Sup Ikan Tenggiri

1 Ketul ikan tenggiri

sedikit minyak bijan
4 ulas bawang putih dicincang
seulas halia diketuk
1 biji tomato
sedikit daun sup

Tumiskan bawang putih dan halia dengan minyak bijan. Masukkan air dan tomato. Apabila mendidih masukkan ikan dan daun sup. Biar seketika dan tutupkan api.



300 gm daging lembut

1. Gaulkan daging dgn garam dan panggang sehingga amsak.
2. Renjiskan minyak sekali sekala supaya tidak melekat pada pemanggang.

Air Assam
4 keping adsama gelugor
5 s/k lada hitam tumbuk
sedikit hirisan bawang kecil

Cara gaulkan senua bahan dan rasakan garamnya.



200 gm ikan kering [isi]
1 cawan santan
3 sm halia
3 ulas bawang putih
2 s/k lada hitam
2 keping asam gelugor
2 sm kunyit hidup
garam[jika perlu]

1. Bersihkan isi ikan kering dan potong kecil.
2. Masukkan dalam periuk bersma abahn2 lain.
3. Masakkan sehingga kuah pekat.
4. Angkat dan hidangkan bersama nasi.



1 ekor ikan haruan
1 biji limau nipis [ambilkan jusnya]
2 s/b minyak
1/2 cawan air
1 s/k cuka
1 helai daun kunyit [mayang halus]

bahan tumbuk
5 ulas bawang putih
6 sm halia
4 sm kunyit hidup

bahan rempah - tumbuk
1 s/k jintan manis
1 s/k jintan putih
1 s/k lada hitam

1. Ikan dibersihkan dan lumurkan jus limau. Basuhkan.
2. Gaulkan ikan dengan sedikit bahan tumbuk. Bakarkan.
3. Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan separuh lagi bahan tumbuk dan bahan rempah sehingga wangi dan naik minyak.
4. Masukkkan air dan masakkan sehingga mendideh dan pekat.
5. Masukkan cuka dan hirisan daun kunyit.
6. Angkat dan siramkan pada ikan bakar.
7. Hidangkan dan makan semasa panas.

Monday, October 25, 2010


bloghopping is indeed very unhealthy.. especially to pregnant mothers!

OMG!!! i read many stories on giving birth.. Ya Allah.. seram sejuk rasanya... bersediakah aku.. mampu ke? tapi pikir2... kalau boleh baca entry diorg tu maksudnye.. diorg selamat lah.. happy lagi dan yang paling penting still sane and able to write such a beautiful long entry...


anyway... we went to check out some baby's stuff today... kekekek check out play skool nyer barang.. baju2 new born alahai... baby mummy.. sorry if your mum such a jerk at making preparation...

anyway... muntah dah tak kerap sgt altho.. hari2 masih muntah... except yesterday.. Allah berikan kekuatan untuk mummy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

oh weight! oh weight!

hihi saja buat drama.. but my weight tak naik pun these past few days
although vomitting agak kurang and i ate perfectly normal.. miahahaha

dear weight please maintain where you are.. minggu depan nak jumpa OB!


In the name of Allah Most Beneficent Most Merciful

رَبِّ هَبْ لِى مِنَ الصَّـلِحِينِ

as-Safaat ayat 100,

"Wahai Tuhanku, kurniakanlah kepadaku anak yang terhitung dari orang-orang yang soleh..."

:) dear baby, mummy love you very much!
i hope i will remember not to talk to you in alien languages...
(ahahaha i hope..)
I hope you will grow as a man of faith..
There is only Allah, and Muhammad S.A.W is his prophet.

mummy rajin2 tgh preggy.. harap2 baby nanti keluar pun jadi org rajin
jgn lawan ckp mummy n ur abah
jgn lawan cakap cikgu atau org yang mengajar.. hiks hiks..
jgn ckp berbohong
jgn mencuri
jgn kawan ngan org yang tak best nnt baby jadi tak best

hihi byknyer jgn...
anyway... counting days to meet you my precious..
main kat dlm perut mummy .. jgn ganas2...

p/s sorry if mummy makan tak berapa nak berkhasiat.. takde yang sedap skrg ni..

Monday, October 18, 2010

amalan2 ketika mengandung.

:) ok.. i just want to write down some important surah and ayat.. from the Holy Quran to be practise along the pregnancy period.. my baby is rezq from Allah s.w.t so for every reason in the world.. i shall ask Him to grant my intention and well-wish of my baby..

ok.. some surah.. for mom's and baby well-being

Di antara surah-surah yang digalakkan dibaca ialah:

  1. Surah Yaasiin, kerana ia mempunyai banyak fadhilat.
  2. Surah Yusuf, agar mendapat anak yang saleh, sempurna dan mempunyai rupa paras yang elok.
  3. Surah Luqman, agar mendapat anak yang taat kepada kedua ibubapa.
  4. Surah Maryam, agar dimudahkan ibu ketika bersalin
  5. Surah al-Ikhlas.
  6. surah al-hujarat, untuk menambah susu ibu.. :)
kemudian amalan untuk dijauhkan dari gangguan syaitan...

1. Ayat Kursi (Al-Baqarah : 255) dibaca pada setiap kali selepas solat dan sebelum tidur.

“Sesiapa yang membaca ayat kursi pada malam hari, Allah sentiasa menjaganya dan syaitan tidak akan mendekatinya sehingga subuh”.

2. Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq dan Surah Nas tiga kali pada setia kali selepas solat, dan dibaca 3 kali pada waktu pagi dan petang. Ini menurut hadits rekod oleh Abu Dawud, Tirmidzi dan Nasa i.

3. Membaca dua ayat terakhir dari Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 285 – 286 pada permulaan malam. Seperti yang disebut oleh Nabi :

Sesiapa yang membaca dua ayat terakhir dari Surah Al-Baqarah pada malam hari, maka cukupkan baginya”.

ok itu aje.. :)

i'm sorry baby..

i'm sorry i will try to stop eating fast food.


i will try to shove some sensible food into my tummy


i promise.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

:) lethargy

it is one of the common symptom bila one got preggy... buat benda sikit pun terasa sgt penatnye...
yesterday... balik rumah.. masak... habis masak cuci2 pinggan pastu gosok baju hubby-baby....

masuk bilik solat isyak... bum! baring2 sebelah hubby-baby yang tgh baca Quran... borak2 sikit... sambil-sambil baby baca tafsir... terus terlelap...

kekekekek ingta sikit je apa yang bual2 ngan ur abah, baby.

both of us tak berapa ingat kisah2 nabi.. ingat sikit2 ajer... alamak.... nampaknyer mummy n abah kena baca lebih lah tinggal 6 bulan ++ before you keluar...

takkan nak cerita pasal.. sang kancil ngan buaya aje.... atau dgr your mummy talk about insulation coordination n transient or lightning... or dgr ur abah tech-thingy... eeeuuuuwwww...

okeh nnt kitorg study kisah2 nabi ok baby.. meanwhile... i read that you are able to do sommersaults and swimming in your comfortly cushioned womb.. lompat2 baik2 ye baby!

we love you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

porcelain throne hugger the mini series!

worst episodes of vomiting happened yesterday as my stomach do not want to tolerate with all the food i try to eat! *sigh*

i hate throwing up... dah bertahun lamanyer tak muntah2.. so this month alone telah mencatat rekod vomiting paling byk in my life..

but its ok.. for baby.. its ok.

hubby took me to tutti frutti yesterday... hoping that menda masam masam would get my appetite.. and it sure does.. alhamdulillah...

org kata dah nak masuk week 12 macam dah ease sikit... tapi takde tanda2 nak ease.. maybe i started kinda late.. hiks hiks... anyway.. tapi masih bersyukur.. atleast rasa apa yang perempuan2 lain di dunia rasa :)

masih lagi back ache... and masih belum dapat remedy yang terbaik...
and i am currently consuming quite hefty amount of water..

oh lagi satu symptom... my face... blotchy sana sini... bengkak sana sini... siap ada taring kat tepi bibir... *sigh*.. hiks hiks

OMG!!!! I'm pregnant!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

still the professional throne hugger

these past few days i'm experiencing a very bad backache plus my morning-noon-night sickness is still my best friend... and i am still sleepy!!!

here is one article on early pregnancy backache - courtesy

Back Ache Early Pregnancy Symptom - Causes And Treatment

One of the most common complaints of would be mothers is back ache early pregnancy symptom. This problem is known to affect more than half of all pregnant women. Apart from causing pain and discomfort during pregnancy, this pregnancy symptom also changes your lifestyle for the worse if proper precautions are not taken. Many women stop all activities due to back pain, and this habit continues till afterpregnancy. This causes problems like weight gain and pain in muscles and joints.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a woman's life. By taking proper care of yourself, you will be able to enjoy these nine months without any discomfortingpregnancy symptom.

Back Ache - What Causes It

Backache during pregnancy is caused by many factors. Here are some reasons for back ache early pregnancy symptom.

  • Shift In Center Of Gravity- When you are pregnant, your belly carries the weight of the growing baby. While your spine does not bend to accommodate the weight, your belly keeps growing and gaining weight. This makes you feel like the weight is pulling you down from the front. Your body no longer has the same center of gravity. This is one of the leading causes of back acheearly pregnancy symptom.
  • Change In Size Of Ligaments- When you are pregnant, your muscles and ligaments need to change in size to accommodate the growing fetus. Ligaments and muscles stretch and cause back ache early pregnancy symptom. Surprisingly, ligaments all across the body show growth during pregnancy.
  • Insomnia- Many pregnant women find it difficult to have a good night's rest. Their growing belly does not allow them to find a comfortable sleeping posture. Many women are anxious about theirpregnancy and this causes sleeplessness. Sometimes, the fetus might put pressure on the back as you lie down. All this gives rise to back acheearly pregnancy symptom.

Backache during pregnancy can make you feel depressed and lethargic. You might also feel less active. Many women stop exercising completely due to back acheearly pregnancy symptom. This is harmful since it could make pregnancy more difficult. To prevent these problems, you need to take steps to avoid back pain.

How To Treat Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy can make you feel moody and depressed. It makes women feel cranky. It could affect their health in other ways. Here are some ways to treat thisearly pregnancy symptom.

  • Compresses - Hot and cold compresses are the most effective and inexpensive ways to treat back ache early pregnancy symptom. Compresses are far safer than hot water baths. They are also more convenient and easier to handle.
  • Exercising - Consult your doctor early on in pregnancy to know the best exercise for you. Moderate exercise keeps pregnant women healthy and makes delivery easier. Not to mention the fact that it eases back pain by strengthening the muscles. Walking at a moderate pace, swimming and gentle stretching exercises help reduce back ache.
  • Posture- Maintaining a good posture is crucial to easing back pain. Never slouch when seated. Sit with your back erect. Avoid high heels duringpregnancy.
  • Sleeping- Special mattresses are available for would be mothers that allow them to sleep in any position they feel like. Alternatively, you could sleep on your side and have the pillows prop you from the sides. Put a pillow between your knees for added comfort.

Back ache can be debilitating for some pregnant women. However, with guidance from your doctor, you can make this stage of pregnancy a wonderful one. While back pain may not be eliminated, you can certainly do a lot in combating it. Regular exercise, maintaining correct posture and hot and cold packs are just some of the ways to relieve back pain. You could consult your doctor for further treatment.

Monday, October 11, 2010


alamak!! now i know what is mom's obsession all about ... hihihi

anyway i am more obses in keeping my weight healthy.. meaning... i do not want to gain too much weight! i am looking at 73-75kg... but i can only planned... and leave the rest to Allah...

tadi dah kire... estimating how much i will gain through my pregnancy!... urgh.. and it is about.. 9.1kG (itu yang kire from estimator).. i started with 64kG and plus 9.1kG... by may.. i should weight around 73kG.. urghhhh.... mintak mintak lah tak naik byk sgt!

anyway... its still long way to go... even baby's gender pun belom tahu lagi... but i dah anticipate into all kind of baby stuff.... bib, stroller... car seat.. rasa rasa yang paling penting sekrg car seat... sebab baby need car seat.. sebab.. mummy n abah dia kena gi kerja... so baby kena gi kerja jugak... unless mummy quit... miahahahahahahaha

anyway.... i was surfing around ... and terjumpa pasal.. baby dior... *pengsan*... nangis n *pengsan* ... gulp....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

healthy food!

arghh.... what is healthy when all that i love to munch is Mamee monster snek mi! kekekekkeke

anyway.. i am watching my weight too actually... I am soo afraid i will gain too much... i gain 2kgs in 2 months and looking at the scale this morning i am losing 1kg.. maybe because of the vomiting.. but alhamdulillah my appetite is good and im not gagging over anything!

cuma yesterday was a wee bit weird... i hate the smell of a lamb chop.. hahaha it was not a problem during eating.. but later in night i still can smell the lamb chop... tapi takde lah sampai nak muntah2 because of the smell.. cuma uneasy ajer... and i just let it pass.. so alhamdulillah.. nothing serious.

I am anticipating the twelve-th week... people said i may feel human again!... hiks hiks... buts as of now...

i really need to learn on types of healthy food and exercise to help me to go through this pregnancy!

and yeah... i need new clothes.. semua dah ketat!!! sigh....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a lil impatient here!

hari ni rasa a wee impatient pulak nak tunggu hujung bulan! aha! sekrg bukan impatient tunggu gaji!! hihi

impatient nak jumpa OB... nak tgk apa lah baby buat kat dlm tuh.. sihat ke dia.. hows the growing takes place.. last time mummy and your abah pegi scan... u dah 1.84mm lebih 0.24mm dari expected.. alhamdulillah.. semoga baby cepat cepat besar ngan sihat..

my next visit will be in the 13th week.. hopefully everything will be on track! dua tiga hari ni rasa perut cam kembung keras.. kejap keras .,. kejap tak... i am nearing the eleventh week dah ni... so hopefully semua yang dirasakan tu semuanya symptom symptom biasa org mengandung. and today.. mmg woozy jer seharian... dah masuk 3 kali vomitting ... kekekekek aiseh.. what happened la!!! i tod mcm dah kurang... dtg balik.. haish.. takpe.. baby dun worry.. mummy setakat wozzy2 ni okeh ajer... cuma kerja je lah mmg tak jalan.. sebab mummy takde idea nak tulis apa...

yesterday productivity elok sikit.. boleh lah nak baca baca.. hari ni takde langsung... duk tenung problem tu je yang tak settle2... dapatlah tulis 2 lines about faults.. ahahahaha demm... i need to do some more research ni before going back!!! ptg ni dah rasa mcm ok sikit.. so i better start doing some research! sebelum kena dituduh makan gaji bute.. miahahahaha esok and lusa ada course on technical writing.. so hoping to get a good night sleep before starting the day tomorow!

ok thats all... so checklist untuk kegiatan ibu-ibu mengandung

1. reading - no cry sleeping solution (hahaha baru chapter ke berapa)

mmg nak kena exercise balik ni.. rasa badan kurang sihat.. i need to do some stretching!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

reading material for preparation

altho we had planned and work very hard to get pregnant, still there are many things to do in order to welcome our first baby. - tibe tibe je nervous... what to do! what to expect! cemana! cemana!!!-

i compile some of the best parenting book title and gave it to hubby-baby, he then will download all the books that is required... :) ngeeeeee... semlm hubby terjumpa ngan org berjual siri kisah 25 nabi... oh nak nyer ada satu set... selling at rm99 satu set...

anyway, one thing for sure... our baby ni byk influence both of us to change.. :) dgn niat yang tak lain dan tak bukan... just to be the very best for them... I myself tak berapa nak tahu and ingat kisah2 nabi... tapi rasa penting untuk tahu itu semua before baby ni arrived... haih...

actually, rather than sibuk dgn persiapan yang physical i am more concerned on the other part.. am i ready mentally? will i be a good mother? hahah now kena practise speak no evil-see no evil-hear no evil ... thats why i tend to keep myself busy.. rather than mingling with people yang tak betul2.. or mende mende yang boleh mengarahkan kepada me talking gibberish or being mean...

hahahah baby said he will be a better father than i'm a better mother... *we'll see* but yang penting we are anticipating with the arrival of our first born.

alihkan cerita sikit, hari ahad haritu dah jalan2 tgk2 barang baby... kekekek first time!!!! hubby-baby got hooked up with all the gadgets... and i plak.. with all the stroller, car seat, toys and baju... kekekek mcm mcm.. plus OMG harga barang2 baby ni mmg boleh nanggis!!!!!! ada rasa yang mcm worth it.. ada yang mcm tak... so depend la mcm mana...

rasa baby takyah nak beli baju byk2... semua org kata baby cepat besar... kalau ikutkan hubby-baby dia pakai lampin ngan singlet aje.. (omg!) kekekekeke

nak kena belajar lampin apa yang bagus, i am planning to breast feed my child.. so tgh survey breast pump...., belajar nak simpan ebm (thats what they called susu ibu... hihi cumel je ada acronym bagai)

lagi 6 bulan stgh... tapi rasanya selagi baby tak keluar selagi tu taktau macam mana nak tak care betul2... jaga anak kucing reti lah... aiseh...

:) hanya pada Allah kami berserah..

Monday, October 4, 2010

porcelain throne hugger

:) okay today mummy just want to jot down something on my first trimester symptoms!

for the first 8 weeks, i dont really feel all queasy or woozy or cranky .. i just felt weirdly lethargic! i mean super weird. I would just come back from work and slump myself into a deep sleep. However, being me i dont really succumbed to all the symptoms.. i fight really hard to stay healthy and alhamdulillah... for the first 8 week i can actually bake tarts (many of them...) and make hantaran for a client.. plus work as usual and travel twice to KK!! but of course your abah chipped in into many of the house chores.. he helped with the sweeping and taking care of the cats... once in a while.. he will helped me with the dishes.. alhamdulillah. Cukup untuk masa ni (Thank you darling! i love you)

mummy is taking anmum and folic acid at the moment.. while at the same time do many readings... so hopefully one day.. baby will be like mummy and abah.. your abah is an avid reader.. he likes to read story books and all.. and watch nat geo.. (not me... ) .. mummy dah habis baca surah maryam untuk baby, so now we have another 3 surah (surah yusuf, surah Luqman and yaasin) to go... and i promise i will read em for you! semoga you will be umat yang lebih taat dari mummy and abah..

anyway.. back to my symptoms.. urgh... starting week 9 i feel all the symptoms preggy mothers felt... i started to get my morning sickness! it came morning noon and night... tak mengira waktu.. but alhamdulillah... tu ajer.. vomiting vomiting and vomiting. and lethargy.. i still managed to do all the normal activities, cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing tapi very slowly (kekekek sometimes your abah need to remind me to go slow)... since mummy rasa its all manageable.. lagipun mummy ngan abah ajer.. plus.. thanking my sinus (hahahaha finally there are some used of them) mummy tak alah pada bau food hence all the cooking continues...

i dah search all the exercise a pregnant mother could do.. and i'm thinking of doing some yoga.. once my first trimester is complete.. hahah we dont want mummy to get really fat nih... many people will start loosing weight when they are pregnant due to the alahan bau.. but since i dont have any problem with that.. and my appetite seems very ok .. we need to pull something here to make sure that i dont put on too much weight!

well some minor thingy on the side... mummy tak leh nak bgn cepat2... kekekek kalau bgn cepat2 mesti rasa senak perut... (kekek OB pun dah tunjuk mcm mana nak bgn dari duduk.. to control rasa senak kat perut mummy), heartburn (oh no.. ni yang paling seksa... ) and angin angin satu bdn... sekarang dah pandai sikit... as compared to few weeks ago... to avoid angin and heartburn.. mummy make sure perut mummy berisi... every 2 hours.. makan yang ringan ringan... contohnyer.. biskut hwa tai! hihihi alhamdulillah.. dah berjaya kurangkan heartburn tu..

:) i dont take sugar too much.. minum air masak ajer... and dah 10 minggu tak minum kopi!! (ahahaah u should be very proud of me baby... im a caffein addict.. but i stopped.. just because of you! )

ok thats all.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The day we found out...

ok first of all.. mummy wants to write about you from the very first day! hiks hiks but of course.. later on i got some hesitation and figure out i should wait until the time is right.. and guess what.. its time baby..

hihi anyway.. i dont want to forget all the feelings and details later on in the future while conceiving you so i guess i better wrote it down... because one day you will know how forgetful your mom can be... kekekekek

anyway... around this time last year, i thought i was conceiving considering i skipped my swiss-clock-sharp-period... but to our avail.. i was tested negative... from that day onwards.. i was looking forward for the day i would miss my period.. but came all the abundance workload mummy has to carry.. and your abah (kekekek ur father still havent decide yet what would it be for him.. so we just call him abah ye) was starting on some partnership venture with his friends... and so... time fly by... and we still havent got a time to plan properly..

come May... my 3oth birthday.. and all i'm wishing for was to be granted rezeki from Allah for a munchkin...

your abah was confident enough that this year Ramadhan I will be pregnant! hahahah he literally said... i will have my ramadhan penuh again this year... now doa your abah.. and our relentless effort in conceiving you... Allah permudahkan for us...

I felt very tired during ramadhan.. a weird feeling... would come back from work.. and sleep... sleep and sleep... i will woke up early in the morning to prepare your abah sahur.. and that is the only time when i feel a little bit energetic... so i begging to feel a wee bit suspicious...

i was confident that i'm pregnant.. so i got myself tested 2 days before my menstrual cycle started - we tested you in rumah wan and ki.. last year when mummy try first time to test for pregnancy still kat rumah wan and ki..

punyerlah nervous.. mummy peed at the wrong side of the stick!! (oh yes .. your mummy is one very clumsy lady :P ) kekekek terus gi beli lain sebab nak test jugak2... it was very blurry!!! two lines.. but the line was very blurry.... but i was very confident and adamant... sedih jugak.. mcm tak confirm... your abah rileks je lagi... dia maintain macho taknak excited lagi... hihihi

kekeke i waited for another week to take another test... tadaaaaa!!!! TWO LINES baby!!! but still quite blurry! ahaks now both mummy and abah are a little bit thrilled but I am still not certain... and i waited for another week.. to test my self again.. alhamdulillah.. the lines are getting better.. and mummy make the first visit to mummy's OB... in DEMC...

Alhamdulillah baby.. you are mummy and abah rezeki and rahmah from Allah... you grow healthily in mummy's womb yer.. mummy and abah will protect you and love you...

Syukur Alhamdulillah.