Friday, January 28, 2011

breast feeding n baby 26 weeks update..

:) alhamdulillah... next week i'll be entering my third trimester.. nothing much i guess.. went for our routine checkup last week.. and baby is growing healthily.. and yes!!! we have already chose a name for him.. harap2 ini akan jadi antara perkara pertama yang both of us as parents can provide for our child.. nama yang baik2 untuk menjadi doa buat dirinya sampai mati..

baby nyer growth alhamdulillah.. :) doctor bekalkan video of the sonogram.. and its my favorite short movie of all time.. ihiks.. hari2 tgk video baby nih

symptom skrg mcm biasa... org sume kata perut mummy tak nampak sgt lagi.. tapi diorg taktau baby mummy dalam perut nih nyer growth.. dah melebih2 weeks dah .. kekekeke ukur lilit kepala.. dah 29 weeks.. ha camno tuh? berat pun dah sekilo.. Ya Allah, mummy syukur sgt.. baby sihat.. dan membesar sebagai johan..

doktor adviced mummy and daddy gi buat detail scan... insyallah.. nnt mummy and daddy gi usahakan detail scan untuk baby yer... i'm going to umra.. kat demc expensive tak bertempat.. doubled the price they are offering at umra..

actually banyak lagi mende nak kena buat as preparation nak sambut baby nih.. tapi rasa mcm nak rileks kejap lah bulan ni.. hihi... bulan nih cuma beli peralatan untuk baby's feeding... (ahahahaahahahaahah... mmg lah menggedik.. dah siap2 beli).. tapi tak sampai lagi.. i'll make some review on the bottles and pump yang i bought

ah well nak kerjakan scrappybook baby jap :) mummy dah byk kali mengelat nih...

i love you baby... duduk dlm tu elok2 jgn picit2 pundi kencing mummy ok... its not a toy. kekeke

Monday, January 17, 2011

eggs??? NO!!!!

i have been having this allergy patches around my mouth (not itching) since the beginning of my pregnancy.. :) and have been wondering all this while what could trigger this allergy reaction...

This morning.. after having egg sandwich.. he patches seems very obvious.. and hubs noticed it first.. adoi!!! takkan kot!!

i love eggs! sgt!

hmmmmm hopefully its only a part of pregnancy... hoping it will not last ... hihihi.. my baby is developing well i guess... by now.. i can predict his movement time... morning, afternoon and night.. and he's been reacting to my touch (more towards poking actually)... bliss! .. its a bliss to have someone who is part of you and your hubs to be inside of you... nothing beats the feeling really.. :)

i love u soo much..

“Wahai Tuhanku! Kurniakanlah kepadaku dari sisiMu zuriat keturunan yang baik; sesungguhnya Engkau sentiasa Mendengar (menerima) do’a permohonan”.

( Surah Ali’ Imran: 38 )

Thursday, January 13, 2011

he is moving too much!

so.. already detecting movements? i did.. and baby moves like nobody business nowadays... and when he does.. its kinda a discomfort to me... but its a good sign.. that baby is healthy and well nourished..

hehehe i enjoyed watching my belly every time he moves.. my new fav pastime activities..

counting days till i meet him again... hikhik... cant believe i'll be ending my second trimester... alhamdulillah all praise to Allah.. second trimester was ok for me.. hihi.. but as time passes by.. i tend to feel more and more lethargic..

welcoming the final trimester mebbe.. huh.. mebbe.. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

bump pictures... hihi 6 months

how does that bump looks like?
nampak sgt tenang the bump.. what is happening inside actually?

A LOT of twisting, kicking n punching... :p

i love you my sweet little bun.
May Allah protect you from all harm.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

eceh... kenapa rasa mcm baju newborn ni mcm kecik je..

eh! kenapa baju saiz 0-3 months ni nampak kecik?
kekekekeke ke mmg cemni saiz nyer.. lupa plak saiz baby adhwa dulu..

anyway... rompers baby newborn dah cukup! yay..
tinggal nak beli seluar lagi 4 pasang, and baju lagi 2-3 pasang.. and mitten and booties..
nak gi shopping bedung baby... ingta nak beli bumblebee lah..
set mandi2 pun nak beli yang tecik2 je.. pastu ngan newborn diapers
oh.. one more important thing.. baby's beanies..

untuk mummy nyer belum siap apa apa lagi

tunggu dulu lah.... beli keperluan baby dulu..
fav word: Beli! (eh duit nyer ade ke?)
insyallah ada.. the money is not meant to be splurge around tho!