Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bila yang cute tu semua baju baby girl...

note to oneself! (be less excited when meeting the ob-gyn)

miahahahahahaha... I dont think so!!1 first time... of course la super excited and gedix.. hiks hiks
dr shows - 'The Bird!' and i accidentally yelped!! 'Its a BOY' ahahahahaha
mmg takde kesah pun... and the doctor pun cam boleh lah lepaskan tgn...
' he said: ha i didnt mentioned boy ye.. you yg ckp sendiri! ahahahaha bijak2 doctor.. he promised me a 4d scan next month... uuuuuu cant wait... cant wait...)

anyway.. i dont really know how to dress a boy..


Sunday, December 26, 2010

reading : no-cry sleep solutions

i am 1/4 of my way through the book... *hahahah sgt sgt bersembang but the main point in the book can be really helpful..* :)

1. it says that newborn have no problem sleeping (haha.. but the parents do).. baby will sleep when they are tired and wake up when they are ready..

2. :) and some advice on families do's and dont's.. :) each babies are different from one another.. so the advise was to read, learn and beware of bad advices.. (*oh this is tough... people will advice us to do soo many things about our baby... but sometimes.. some advice may not be applicable to my munchkin) ~ ok... dilemma with malay families.. you will be assumed hard headed or sombong or whatsoever. (note to oneself.. be polite in receiving advice... it may become handy one day.. if not.. it may work as something that is good to know. - i just hope people will not force me to do things.. haha or judge me..)

3. next - baby must be comfortable and safe... especially with their sleeping crib. :).. so on the safety part i will passed it hubby-baby to make the house baby-safe.. hiks hiks... and on the baby's crib part.. ha.. the baby will be sleeping in our room... :) I'm planning to to have one corner of the room for dear little munchkin.. :)

simple and i like the colour scheme.. but there are not many childrens furniture shop in malaysia.. perhaps.. i can do some tiny project for the munckin's corner.. :)

ok.. i will continue some more when i finished reading the book.. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


three times!! three weeks!
and you r 21 week oledi..

i love you baby.

Friday, December 17, 2010

starting rather early : List barang untuk baby

Updating my baby's list...

baby's thingy...

New born
in whites - for the newborn (baju tidur + baju rumah.. hihi)
1. Mittens and booties - 3 pairs ( 3 more)
2. long pants - 2 pairs (4 more)
3. Rompers - 6 piece - cukup
4. long sleeved shirt - 2 pieces (3 more)
5. short sleeved shirt - 1 piece (3 more)
6. sleeveless shirt - 1 piece (2 more)
7. short + shirt - 1 pair

8. baby's bib - 1 piece
9. baby's blanket - 1 piece
10. baby's receiving blanket (bedung) - belum lg
11. barut baby - 1 piece (the rest get it from kak noni)

ok dah tu je .. yg lain nnt beli yang untuk baby 3-6 months...

i have not start with the baby's crib yet.. :) i'll wait till the 7th month baru lah nak siapkan baby's crib. I still have not decided in type of crib i want.. but i have decided on a bassinet (or a carrier)... kekekeke *sigh*...

baby's feeding item ni when is the right time to buy?..
1. breast pumps ( i am eyeing either tommee tippee or medela...)
2. baby's bottles (i am liking tommee tippee)
3. bottle cleaner...

byknyer mende sebelum baby dtg!!!! huhuhuhu

hiks hiks... all i need is a mommy's bag!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

beranak di Hospital kerajaan atau di hospital swasta?

:) actually mmg takde preference nakberanak kat mana mana pun.. janji selesa... I chose DEMC because of the location and i my ob-gyn is my sister's ob-gyn..

so far... my ob-gyn is ok... :) usually i dont have to wait too long to meet up with him.. package for normal delivery is around rm2200 (single bed, 2 day 1n) tapi siap2 lah.. kalau kena forcep or vacuum... tambah lagi dlm rm300. SO untuk normal delivery siap2 dlm 3 K... kalau caesar.. dlm 7-8K.. amboi mahalnyer...

but if i have to caesar.. rasanyer takkan ke demc lah.. mmg lari ke PPUM... :) too much.. duit tu boleh buat mende lain..

so everything will be depending on condition.. but i pray to Allah that he will grant me a normal delivery.. dipermudah urusan untuk melahirkan nnt amin....

speaking of praying for easy labour... i am not touching sugar for almost 17 days now.. *sigh*
makan pau pun yg wholemeal.. huhuhu sedih kan?.... tapi takpe lh baby punya pasal.... :)