Friday, March 18, 2011

When to buy your baby things..

heheheh WHEN YOU HAVE THE MONEY AND TIME.. and that you know the gender of the baby.. hiks hiks DONT WAIT..

I started rather early.. hiks hiks.. i just bought few items at one time.. hihi last time my MIL called and told me n hubby not too early to buy things.. but you see.. when you are already 34 weeks.. you will not have much energy!! you will walk slower, you will no longer be able to be on your feet for too long..

hehehehhe :) but buying things at 6 months preggy is ok.. just nice.. since at the second trimester you will have more energy and you dont even know that you r pregnant.

my pregnancy has moved to the 34th week. Alhamdulillah... no water retention (YET) and no constipation.. but i get a lot of heartburn these days.. Baby is kicking like nobody business as usual, loving every moment.. at the same time feeling helpless more and more each day.. you cant do much actually.. you are in no control of your body. *sigh*

anyway.. i'm off to get few more things tomorow.. and need to finish up the baby's corner.
He will bedding in with us... :) smile.

cant wait to hold him!!

i love you baby

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