Thursday, March 31, 2011

36 weeks

kalau ikut calendar kat sini... i'm already 36 weeks! yehaaaa... soon baby! soon you'll be out from my tumtum into my arm!! hiks hiks

you have been moving a lot my baby... :P

and you are moving the now.. at the moment i write down this entry... hihi.. funny feeling.. anyway.. your corner in my room almost finished. I just need to put it few things.. as a deco at your place.. and voila!!! you can come anytime you want. I want to experience natural birthing... that is all i'm asking.. so baby.. pushed yourself hard through the birth canal.. and i'll help along!!! together we can do it!! ahahahahah

anyway.. i love you my darling caliph.. i love you soo much..

oh oh.. last checkup on wednesday.. you are already 2.77kg.. its a normal weight and i am proud of you.. you are already heads down!

hihi a little bit more..

my tumtum will certainly miss you.

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